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Industry-leading 99.02% accuracy is just the beginning when it comes to the amazing suite of features offered by Rekor’s Watchman.

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Affordable, Transparent Pricing

Our unique payment model allows for flexibility that was previously unavailable. Whether you need LPR software for one year, three years, or five years, Watchman has an affordable plan that is right for you.

Industry Leading LPR Accuracy

Rekor’s Watchman boasts an outstanding industry-leading 99.02% accuracy rate. Obtain actionable data and intelligence that includes vehicle make, model, and color. Make plate reading inaccuracies a thing of the past.

Searchable Vehicle Database

Easily access the information you need, exactly when you need it. Need to find a Black Hyundai? Search for it! Have an exact plate number? Search for that too! The analytical data you need is always at your fingertips.

60-Day Plate Retention

With security being our top priority, we’ll store up to two months of plate data for you to access. Data is stored securely in the Amazon Web Services GovCloud with CJIS compliance.

Free Software Upgrades

Don’t sweat software updates, as that’s taken care of for you…forever. Our unique AI-backed software platform is constantly learning and improving. Machine learning is a future that’s here now.

Set Up in 20 Minutes

Forget a long installation, get up and running in no time. Our helpful support team and documentation is here to answer any questions you may have. Start reading license plates in less time than it takes to make dinner.

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