School Bus Stop-Arm Enforcement
Reduce school bus passing violations with our end-to-end solution


The Rekor Stop-Arm Camera is an end-to-end solution for reducing school bus passing violations. The camera mounts on a bus and operates seamlessly. While a school bus performs normal stops, video clips are recorded and include a 180-degree view of the violation. Still images record the rear of vehicle and tag. Its small footprint and lightweight design make for easy installation and removal.

Rekor Stop-Arm Camera (Mobile-Mounted)

Rekor Stop-Arm Camera data streamed to a tablet


  • Video records from when stop-arm opens until stop-arm closes
  • 180-degree video clip showing visual evidence of violation
  • High resolution images of rear of vehicle and license plate
  • Precise location coordinates of the school bus
  • 4G wireless transmission of evidence to secure cloud
  • AI-based automated license plate reader capability
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See Camera in Action

Watch how the Rekor School Bus Stop-Arm Camera detects violators that pass by a school bus when the bus has the stop-arm extended. In addition to catching violators of the law, the camera also has the ability to send alerts when suspicious activity is identified or a “hot-listed” license plate passes through the zone.

School Bus Stop-Arm Laws

Information from the National Conference of State Legislatures

EVERY state has a law making it illegal to pass a school bus with its red lights flashing and stop-arm extended

16 states have School Bus Stop-Arm Camera Laws (making it legal to film violators)

12 states have enacted camera laws since 2011 (including Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Utah, Alabama, and more)

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