School Bus Stop Arm Enforcement
Reduce school bus passing violations with our end-to-end solution.

Tracking radar, enabling precise detection of movement and passing distance from the bus. High resolution vehicle plate images for violation processing. Small footprint, lightweight design made for easy installation/removal.


Technology and simplicity combine to create a comprehensive enforcement tool that meets the needs of nearly any law enforcement agency and school system. Whether your goal is education, local enforcement, or fully automated enforcement, Rekor’s mobile-mounted school bus arm camera is addresses this important public safety concern.

The patent-pending camera mounts on a vehicle and operates seamlessly, while an school bus performs normal stops. Video clips include a 180-degree view of the violation. Still images record the rear of vehicle and tag.

The REKOR Mobile-Mounted, ALPR Camera for School Buses


  • No need to view hours of video
  • 180-degree video clip showing visual evidence of violation
  • Supplemental video showing emergency lights flashing
  • High resolution images of rear of vehicle and license plate
  • Precise location coordinates of police or tow vehicle
  • 4G wireless transmission of evidence to secure cloud
  • Artificial intelligence-based automated license plate reader (“ALPR”) capability

‘Move-Over’ Camera Data and Imagery on a tablet


Rekor’s Mobile LPR 2  is a portable, low-cost vehicle identification system with up to 99% accuracy rate identifying license plates. Its wireless capability and web interface allows it to communicate with many operation management systems for law enforcement law enforcement, tow/recovery, and parking enforcement. Or, you can upload your blacklist or whitelist.  Utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence developed by OpenALPR, the system accurately identifies license plate characters and vehicle attributes within seconds, immediately alerting the operator to any license plates of interest. Unlike older “OCR” technologies, AI-based machine learning enables real-time data conversion by identifying license plates within a video stream, at high rates of speed and accuracy at extreme angles in almost any environment. Thousands of plates per hour can be scanned, identified, grouped, and stored for future search or investigative purposes. The system also identifies the vehicle make, model, and color in real time.

  • Data and images saved for future searches or investigations
  • Immediate operator alerts (plates of interest)
  • Dynamic wide-range view (up to 5 lanes of traffic)
  • Real-time identification of vehicle make, model, and color
  • Identify thousands of plates per hour
  • Fast high-resolution video capture 99%

Download our spec sheet on LPR 2