Fixed LPR Systems
Enable vehicle recognition nearly anywhere with our fixed LPR systems

Enhanced Cameras

Rekor offers LPR fixed camera solutions that serve as both a security camera and vehicle recognition device, all within a single interface. Applications include parking operations, security, logistics, customer loyalty, and law enforcement.

Unmatched Accuracy

The sophisticated vehicle recognition system improves efficiency by accurately scanning and identifying thousands of plates per hour. Rekor improves the accuracy of license plate reading and vehicle recognition to industry-leading levels, adding vehicle make, model, color, and body type as a bonus!

AI-Based Recognition

Don’t be fooled by other security cameras masquerading as license plate readers. Rekor LPR systems operate using machine learning and artificial intelligence, enabling greater than 99% vehicle recognition accuracy, and continuously “learns” with each new software release.

Unmatched Levels of Accuracy

Rekor Recognition Systems demos OpenALPR software being used on footage captured by a Fixed LPR camera. With this solution, we are able to achieve extremely accurate license plate reads for a variety of applications. With our software and systems, Rekor can read both front-facing and rear-facing license plates.

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