Parking Enforcement
Improve operations with our fully scalable parking management solution

Modernize and Optimize Operations

The combination of Rekor’s vehicle recognition systems with iPermit creates a complete and scalable parking management solution. The system, powered by OpenALPR’s state-of-the-art AI-based software, allows additional capabilities such as gate access, and fixed and portable camera monitoring using whitelist features.

Utilize existing cameras and deploy a fully scalable parking management solution

iPermit platform showcased on a desktop computer

A Powerful and Dynamic Platform

Data captured by the system can be used to create strategies to optimize parking management and enforcement, with more efficient oversight of residential, employee, and visitor parking. The powerful, dynamic platform can be used where any type of approved permits are valid. Customers have several permit management options including applying for a new permit, property including office building garages/lots, municipal garages/lots, convention centers, hotels, or multi-purpose developments.


We provide the tools and analytics to effortlessly manage your parking facility.

Parking Management Tools

  • Remote management from secure cloud infrastructure
  • Powerful payment and enforcement capabilities
  • Whitelist deployment
  • Automated processes for permit approvals and renewals
  • Track and enforce visitor time limits

Analytics For Enforcement

  • Parking data reports for analysis and decision making
  • Break down reports based on specific time period
  • Track analytics to spot trends and improve operations
  • Self-managed user access controls
  • Promote admins to easily control system

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