Cloud-based solution for high volume vehicle recognition


Numerus is a cloud-based software solution for high volume vehicle recognition. If you currently operate a toll road, traffic management system, or customer loyalty program that requires near real-time identification of vehicle characteristics such as plate number, state, make, model, and color, then Numerus is your answer. Images captured by your existing system are transmitted to our cloud interface, where they are analyzed, converted to data (plate number, state, make, body type, color), and returned for processing. Depending on specific requirements, a fully automated process can be in operation within a matter of days or weeks, with superior read accuracy, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional OCR-based plate readers.


Where You Find NUMERUS In Use

Electronic Tolling

Quickly identify license plates with a cost-effective, cloud-based solution designed to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for the electronic toll collecting industry. Increase revenue and decrease costs through customer engagement research and development.

Traffic Management

Monitor and improve traffic patterns by recognizing vehicles and using machine learning enabled software to recognize license plates from all 50 US states, in addition to plates from more than 70 countries around the globe.

Customer Loyalty

Increase sales by identifying loyal customers at the source. Our solution provides retail, corporate, and entertainment operators with highly accurate and valuable data to improve customer experiences and reward valued customers.


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$ 0.75 per 1000 reads / starting at 5 million a month and above
  • Cloud-based software solution
  • Easily integrated with existing infrastructure
  • Greater than 99% uptime with less than 1 sec. response time

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