Connect ALPR systems feeds to a backend systems for an end-end-solution.

REKOR LPR™ Systems

The Rekor LPR license plate recognition (LPR) system uses high resolution video cameras to acquire color or infrared images of vehicles. A wide-range field of view enables high speed capture of multiple vehicles in parking lots or roadways, with up to 5 lanes of traffic.

From the video, license plates are localized and converted to data, with a high degree of accuracy, including identification of state or country with plates of various orientations and sizes. Vehicle makes, models, and colors are also identified by the system.

Modern Technology, Better Results


Supercharge Your Efficiency

The Rekor Mobile and Fixed  LPR  are low-cost, subscription-based solutions that can be used in many vehicle-based applications: law enforcement, boot/tow operations, asset tracking/recovery, parking management, and parking enforcement. Unlike other unsightly external systems with high startup costs, the system is a sleek, covert unit that operates behind the windshield. 

  • High resolution cameras attach to windshield
  • Embedded CPU with Open ALPR software engine
  • Viewer tablet with Optional 4G LTE (no laptop)
  • GPS location device
  • 12 V adapter – Simply open the case, plug into a 12V power outlet, attach the suction cups with cameras to the windshield, and the system is ready for operation within minute

The sophisticated LPR system improves efficiency by scanning and identifying thousands of plates per hour. Potential applications include asset recovery and repossesion, asset tracking and identification, parking lot tracking, parking enforcement, boot/tow, and law enforcement (120 MPH closing speed


Monthly subscription-based pricing provides the flexibility to scale up or down according to actual use. Since there is no up-front capital outlay, other than a refundable security deposit, you can more easily budget to achieve operational goals.


Dramatically improve operational efficiency by importing your hotlist, containing plates of interest. The system can read thousands of plates per hour and compare those to the hotlist, alerting the operator each time a plate of interest is identified


Each vehicle and plate image captured, along with the data for that image (plate number, state, make, model, color, date, time, location) can be transferred to the cloud storage backend system for future recall.


Rekor’s Mobile LPR 2  is a portable, low-cost vehicle identification system with up to 99% accuracy rate identifying license plates. Its wireless capability and web interface allows it to communicate with many operation management systems for law enforcement law enforcement, tow/recovery, and parking enforcement. Or, you can upload your blacklist or whitelist.  Utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence developed by OpenALPR, the system accurately identifies license plate characters and vehicle attributes within seconds, immediately alerting the operator to any license plates of interest. Unlike older “OCR” technologies, AI-based machine learning enables real-time data conversion by identifying license plates within a video stream, at high rates of speed and accuracy at extreme angles in almost any environment. Thousands of plates per hour can be scanned, identified, grouped, and stored for future search or investigative purposes. The system also identifies the vehicle make, model, and color in real time.

  • Data and images saved for future searches or investigations
  • Immediate operator alerts (plates of interest)
  • Dynamic wide-range view (up to 5 lanes of traffic)
  • Real-time identification of vehicle make, model, and color
  • Identify thousands of plates per hour
  • Fast high-resolution video capture 99%

Download our spec sheet on LPR 2