Citation Management
Manage citations and violations with our fully integrated web-based application

Advanced Violation Processing Suite

The iP360° violation processing suite is a fully integrated web-based application that provides a single interface for all citation management functions. The objective of photo enforcement is to help public safety agencies reduce incidences of aggressive driving through voluntary compliance. Combining Rekor’s automated traffic safety enforcement solutions (photo red light and photo speed cameras systems) with a complete suite of program support services allows departments to easily manage all violations.

Manage violations and citations effortlessly with Rekor’s advanced suite of tools

iP360° violation processing suite showcased on a desktop computer

What is ip360° violation processing?

  • Completely web based ticket management application
  • Customizable back office systems
  • Integrates with all legacy systems
  • Flexible court interfacing modules
  • Violation payment processing and account reconciliation
  • Customizable real time reports
  • Customer call center services

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