Enable Automatic License Plate Recognition on ANY camera

On-Premises ALPR

On-Premises software is designed for hosting on a private network and for software developers building custom applications with embedded license plate recognition. The solution includes a web server, self-managed database, and access to a powerful, cross-platform API.

Cloud Stream

Cloud Stream enables automatic license plate and vehicle recognition with any IP camera. The software installs on your local PC to recognize license plates and the results are displayed on a web portal which can be accessed from anywhere. Setup is quick and easy.

Cloud API

Cloud API is a web service running in the cloud that analyzes images of vehicles and responds with license plate data, as well as vehicle color, make, model, and body type. Organize and utilize the data the way you best see fit.

Plate Finder

Forensic Plate Finder utility enables license plates to be detected and recognized from video and still image files. The forensic plate finder reads plates at unmatched levels of accuracy because it is built with AI and machine learning.

How does OpenALPR work?

Learn how OpenALPR can help you monitor suspicious activity with simple database searches that reveal the full history of any vehicle that drove past a camera on your property.

Accurate High Speed Processing

Watch OpenALPR recognize license plates from a high-resolution (1080p) video stream in real-time. This demo is running on a Nvidia Tesla P4 at greater than 50 frames per second processing speed. You may have to slow down the playback to read the plate numbers. The cars are moving so quickly that it’s hard for a human eye to keep up!

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