Protecting Student Safety by Enhancing School Security


OnGuard is a comprehensive school safety program that protects our children and could be paid for by those that would violate our children’s safety.

The OnGuard Difference

OnGuard makes use of deep machine learning software solutions powered by artificial intelligence to build a safety net around our children. Whether your child is on the school bus headed to or from school, they are protected. OnGuard also monitors public social media 24/7 to assess behaviors of concern that could lead to a disruptive event. Additionally, OnGuard manages and monitors the flow of cars coming on and off school campuses providing key intelligence to local law enforcement to act in real time keeping guns and violence off school grounds.

Our Layered Security Approach

Vehicle Access Management

OnGuard helps schools address their top security challenge of visitor management by managing and monitoring the flow of vehicles coming on and off school grounds, providing intelligence to act quickly to potential threats.

School Bus Stop-Arm Violation Enforcement

Students are protected as they head to or from school on the bus. OnGuard detects motorists that are violating school bus stop laws and enables citations, tackling a persistent long-term risk to student safety.

FIRSTSight Intelligent Social Media Monitoring

OnGuard provides schools with 24/7 human monitoring and the analysis of identified, concerning social media posts and situation specific recommendations, as needed, from highly trained intelligence analysts.

Play Video

Stop-Arm Camera in Action

Watch how the Rekor School Bus Stop-Arm Camera detects violators that pass by a school bus when the bus has the stop-arm extended. In addition to catching violators of the law, the camera also has the ability to send alerts when suspicious activity is identified or a “hot-listed” license plate passes through the zone.

OnGuard White Paper

OnGuard protective intelligence monitoring has the potential to identify otherwise unknown threats through early warning and threat identification solutions for social media, school bus safety, and school permit parking management & monitoring.

Read our comprehensive OnGuard White Paper to learn more.

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