Rekor to Become Secondary Distributor of Amber Alerts

Rekor announces Nationwide Effort to Deploy Vehicle Recognition Software to Quickly Find Any Vehicle Involved in a Crime involving Children

Rekor Systems, Inc. (REKR) (“Rekor”), a Nasdaq company focused on bringing smarter, faster, cost-competitive solutions to the worlds of public safety and customer experience, announced today a nationwide effort to distribute AMBER Alerts through its vehicle recognition systems. AMBER Alerts are emergency messages issued when a law enforcement agency determines that a child has been abducted and is in imminent danger. As an AMBER Alert Secondary Distributor, Rekor will be able to instantly distribute alerts to law enforcement agencies that utilize Rekor’s vehicle recognition technology in addition to existing AMBER Alert resources such as broadcasts to radio, TV, road signs, cell phones, and other data-enabled devices.

“This new secondary distribution initiative will allow us to instantly distribute AMBER Alerts to our law enforcement clients, as part of the Rekor Public Safety Network. It is our hope that our vehicle recognition software will make it easier to find a vehicle involved in an AMBER Alert, child abduction emergency, or any other crime involving a vehicle,” said Matt Hill, Chief Science Officer, Rekor. “The beauty of our AI and machine learning software is that it can be easily installed and works with any existing device – meaning organizations can integrate it within their current camera systems without the expense of purchasing prohibitively expensive new hardware. Not only does it recognize license plates with industry leading accuracy, it also identifies vehicle make, model and color. We want to help keep our children and communities safe and we look forward to working with organizations across the country to accomplish that.”

In 2017 and 2018, over a quarter of the cases where a child was rescued due to the activation of an AMBER Alert were resolved because someone recognized the vehicle in the alert. Robert Lowery, Vice President of the Missing Children Division at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) said, “AMBER Alerts are an important tool for the most dangerous child abduction cases because they allow for the rapid dissemination of information to the public, which very often includes a vehicle. Rekor’s AI will leverage technology to help find those cars even more quickly so we can bring children safely home.” To expand the reach of this technology, Rekor is offering free licenses to law enforcement and other agencies responsible for quickly recovering abducted children, as well as finding vehicles associated with other crimes.

“There is no better example of how our technology can work than highlighting its ability to find a vehicle of interest associated with an AMBER Alert,” said Robert A. Berman, CEO, Rekor. “Using important details such as make, model, color, and year, our powerful vehicle recognition system gives law enforcement the tools they need to find children quickly and bring them home safe and sound.”

Rekor’s support for law enforcement and commitment to child safety extends beyond distribution of AMBER alerts. The company is proud to sponsor NCMEC’s annual Heroes’ Awards honoring law enforcement who have gone above and beyond to recover a missing or exploited child. Contributions to the Heroes’ Awards directly support NCMEC’s critical mission to find missing children, reduce child exploitation, and to prevent future victimization.

To learn how to join the Rekor Public Safety Network, please visit our website.

About Rekor Systems, Inc.
Rekor Systems, Inc. is a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq (REKR) with headquarters in Columbia, Maryland. Rekor is focused on bringing smarter, faster, cost-competitive solutions to the worlds of public safety and customer experience. With a strong presence in over seventy countries across the world, we use the power of artificial intelligence to provide actionable, vital information for our clients. Whether it’s using machine learning software to give those who protect us better tools to keep us safe, or through solutions tailored to improving the everyday lives of everyday people, Rekor has the tech, and the expertise, for the job. At Rekor, we strive to make the impossible … possible. To learn more please visit our website:

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