Rekor Selected by the United States Air Force to Deploy Vehicle Recognition Solutions for Enhanced Base Security

Air Force Base Replaces Outdated LPR with Rekor’s Industry-Leading Vehicle Recognition Solution as Company Continues Penetration of Defense Segment

Rekor Systems, Inc. (REKR) (“Rekor”) (the Company) a Nasdaq company focused on bringing smarter, faster, cost-competitive solutions to the worlds of public safety and customer experience, announced today it has been selected by the United States Air Force to deploy its industry leading vehicle recognition system within a western United States base.

The Company will be replacing an antiquated LPR solution with its Rekor Edge “plug and play” vehicle recognition system. Air Force security personnel will be able to create white lists, as well as identify in real time the vehicle license plate data, color, make, model, and body type – all at 99.02 percent accuracy. The sophisticated Edge vehicle recognition system improves efficiency by scanning and identifying thousands of plates per hour. Rekor improves the accuracy of license plate reading and vehicle recognition to industry-leading levels, adding vehicle make, model, color, and body type. Rekor LPR systems operate using machine learning and artificial intelligence, enabling greater than 99 percent vehicle recognition accuracy, and continuously “learns” with each new software release.

“The United States Air Force chose Rekor’s vehicle recognition solution because it was easy to install and because of its superior capabilities – beyond license plate reading it also recognizes vehicle make, model and color,” said Rod Hillman, COO, Rekor. “The safety of all those that enter this Air Force Base is of the utmost importance, and this powerful technology will be an important tool in maintaining daily security protocols.”

Rather than buying expensive cameras that take weeks or months to ship and install, Rekor’s software can be deployed to any existing security or traffic IP camera immediately. This can represent a potential savings of tens of thousands of dollars per camera, as well as greater flexibility to expand or decrease usage as needed without large capital expenditures on hardware. It also eliminates the need for two separate cameras – one for license plate reading functionality, one for general security recording – as Rekor’s solution can be used to collect license plate data and information such as the make, model, and color of a vehicle using the same camera that provides surveillance monitoring.

“We are proud to work with the U.S. Air Force, and to help modernize the vehicle recognition technology utilized at this Air Force Base. Not only is our solution easy to deploy into existing infrastructure, but it’s also scalable and more accurate than existing systems – ensuring security personnel have the tools they need to keep the base safe and secure,” said Robert A. Berman, President and CEO, Rekor. “The selection by another U.S. defense entity serves as great validation of our technology as the most powerful vehicle recognition system in the world. We look forward to our continued work with these entities and to helping ensure the safety of Americans worldwide.”

This purchase order continues Rekor’s penetration of the defense sector, including a recent re-purchase order from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), which now utilizes the Company’s vehicle recognition system on 400 cameras.

To learn more about Rekor’s vehicle recognition systems, visit our website.

About Rekor Systems, Inc.
Rekor Systems, Inc. is a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq (REKR) with headquarters in Columbia, Maryland. Rekor is focused on bringing smarter, faster, cost-competitive solutions to the worlds of public safety and customer experience. With a strong presence in over seventy countries across the world, we use the power of artificial intelligence to provide actionable, vital information for our clients. Whether it’s using machine learning software to give those who protect us better tools to keep us safe, or through solutions tailored to improving the everyday lives of everyday people, Rekor has the tech, and the expertise, for the job. At Rekor, we strive to make the impossible … possible. To learn more please visit our website:

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