All 50 U.S. states and most Canadian provinces currently have “move over” laws designed to protect police officers and emergency workers.  Nearly every state also protects tow operators and other roadside assistance workers.

The laws generally require drivers to vacate the adjacent lane, if safe to do so, when approaching stationary emergency vehicles that are displaying flashing lights, traveling in the same direction, or to slow down to a “reasonable” safe speed.  Some states prescribe an exact speed reduction below the posted speed limit.  Fines vary by state, but can be as high as $500 depending on the violation.

Do Drivers Understand the Law?

National Poll Conducted by Mason Dixon Polling and Research – Poll Sponsored by the National Safety Commission

71% of Americans have not heard of “Move Over” laws

86% of Americans support move over laws for all 50 states

90% of Americans believe traffic stops are dangerous for emergency workers


“Move over violations present a clear and present danger to officers, emergency workers, and tow operators.”

-Bill Tower, Former Law Enforcement Liaison for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Former First Lieutenant and Commander for the Maryland State Police

Annual Police Officer Deaths


Annual EMS Deaths


Annual Tow Opertot Deaths


Move Over or Slow Down!

“Move Over” laws exist in every state.

Unfortunately, most drivers are still unaware of move over laws.

Police officers and emergency workers are in constant danger while conducting roadside operations.

Until now, there has been no effective/comprehensive tool to assist law enforcement in educating the public while enforcing move over.

Targeted roadside operations require significant manpower and are limited in scope.

Public education consists of PSAs, videos, and news releases; however, this does not target the violators, who in many cases may simply and innocently not understand the law or the safety concerns.