Security and Surveillance
Rekor’s vehicle recognition and ALPR solutions provide the necessary data to monitor unmanned sites, increase safety, and conduct forensic searches if and when a crime occurs.

Improving Safety Through Technology

The adoption of security and surveillance systems, both in the government and private sectors, has increased significantly over the past few decades. A large percentage of that adoption has come in the video surveillance and security camera market. While a security camera can be an effective tool, it has limitations. Rekor can take existing, under-powered IP cameras and revolutionize them.


Adding ALPR and machine-learning vehicle recognition systems to existing cameras or new camera deployments allow these devices to become real-time alerting tools. Additionally, this creates highly accurate and searchable vehicle data for forensic investigations. OpenALPR can turn nearly any existing IP camera into a fully-fledged vehicle recognition solution.


Vehicle Recognition Systems to Aid in Security and Surveillance

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