Parking Operations
Rekor’s vehicle recognition and ALPR solutions provide private and public operators the ability to control access, monitor, and track the movement of vehicles to increase security and reduce labor costs of attended parking areas.

The Freedom of Parking Choice

With over 40,000 parking garages and lots in the United States, users have the freedom to choose the simplest and fastest solution for their parking needs. Smarter payment systems that allow drivers to enter and exit without needing to interact with an attendant or mechanical system provide the best customer experience, increase revenue, and reduce management fees.

Improving the Traditional Parking Facility

Adding ALPR and machine-learning vehicle recognition systems to parking facilities allows parking operators to increase automation, reduce fraud, and simplify the process of entering and exiting parking garages/lots. Rekor offers multiple solutions for deploying new camera systems or even upgrading existing IP cameras.


Vehicle Recognition Systems to Aid in Parking Operations

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