Rekor’s vehicle recognition and ALPR solutions provide corporations the data to track, monitor, and increase efficiency as they move products and assets.

Driving a Growing Market

Since the year 2000, global container shipments have grown by 290%. While North America is responsible for $220 billion, that is just a small portion of the global market size of $869 billion. The number one goal of logistics is to minimize risks and cost. The best way to do that is to analyze data and processes and determine where the strengths and weaknesses are within the process.

Improving The Efficiency of Logistics

ALPR and machine-learning vehicle recognition systems contribute to the goal of improving logistics by not only providing data, but automating manual processes. This increases efficiency and lowers cost. Whether automatically opening gates or tracking the amount of time spent at a facility, ALPR and vehicle recognition is an invaluable tool to help logistic companies reach their goals.


Vehicle Recognition Systems to Aid in Logistics

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