Electronic Toll Collection
Rekor’s vehicle recognition and ALPR solutions provide toll collection operators a means to record, report, and collect license plate information at unmatched levels of accuracy to streamline collection and business processes.

Outdated Systems Cause Traffic Delays

The average American worker spends over 4 hours per week commuting to work. With ever increasing traffic and congestion, cities and other jurisdictions are looking for ways to decrease the amount of time spent on the road. Traditional tolling methods require drivers to either stop or slow down to collect payment, increasing traffic congestion.

Advancing the Electronic Tolling System

Adding artificial intelligence driven ALPR and advanced vehicle recognition systems not only allows for full speed processing and capture of driver data, but it does so at rates previously impossible. This innovation leads to less congestion and fewer hours spent on the road each week.

High Volume Accuracy

The combination of Rekor’s advanced camera systems and Rekor Watchman allows for incredible read accuracy in high volume traffic situations. Captured on the M25 motorway near London, England, this video shows how Rekor’s electronic tolling solutions can work in countless countries and scenarios.


Vehicle Recognition Systems to Aid Electronic Toll Collection

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