Public Safety Software Donation Program

Receive two licenses for full-featured, no-cost LPR software in 3 easy steps!

1. Learn how we improve safety

Westminster, CO Police Department

Hartford, CT Police Department

New Windsor, NY Police Department

Like the departments above, by registering for this donation, your organization is eligible to receive two software licenses to be used with new or existing cameras. Rekor Watchman software upgrades any new or existing IP, traffic, or surveillance camera into a vehicle recognition solution that can be used for realtime alerting of known license plates. Our license plate recognition also provides vehicle type, make, and color. You can upload existing hotlists, manually enter plates, and conduct forensic searches for up to 60 days. We’re so sure you’ll like what you see that we’re giving you a no-cost opportunity to try it and experience the Rekor difference for yourself.

2. See if you are eligible

Any municipality, law enforcement agency, school district, or university is eligible to register for the Rekor Public Safety Software Donation Program. The initiative is designed to provide organizations with valuable data to reduce crime and increase safety. Currently, only available in United States and Canada.

3. Register to receive your licenses!

By registering, you are eligible to receive two permanent, full-featured camera licenses.