Next-Generation ALPR
AI and machine learning-enabled vehicle recognition systems powered by innovative OpenALPR software.

We Are

Rekor is transforming major industries in over 60 countries across the globe. Our smarter, faster, cost-competitive solutions are disrupting a variety of industries, including security and surveillance, public safety, electronic toll collection, brand loyalty, parking operations, banking and insurance, logistics, and traffic management. We use the power of artificial intelligence to analyze video streams and transform them into actionable information for our clients. Our machine learning software can turn most IP cameras into highly accurate and affordable vehicle recognition devices. Rekor’s solutions help to protect lives, increase brand loyalty, and manage complex supply chain logistics. Our systems can dramatically reduce the cost of collecting tolls on major highways, or manage congestion in the bumper-to-bumper traffic of large cities, without the need to install expensive new infrastructure. We make what was once considered impossible, possible.

Unmatched Levels of Accuracy

Rekor Recognition Systems demos OpenALPR software being used on footage captured by a Rekor Edge™. With this solution, we are able to achieve extremely accurate license plate reads for a variety of applications. With our software and systems, Rekor can read both front-facing and rear-facing license plates.


Where You Find Rekor Recognition Systems In Use


ALPR systems enable enforcement of move over laws, red light cameras, school bus arm violations and lapsed documentation.
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Monitor and increase safety, protect unmanned sites, and conduct forensic searches if and when crime occurs.
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Upgrading toll road ALPR with the accuracy of AI-enabled plate reading technology.
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Automating parking access to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.
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Helping banking institutions protect their assets from loss by identifying unpaid vehicle loans.
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Improving efficiency for the high-demands of the delivery and logistics sector with ALPR.
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Intelligent transportation systems with the data necessary to help reduce travel time, congestion, and pollution levels.
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Vehicle recognition provide retail, corporate, and entertainment operators with highly accurate and valuable data to improve customer experiences and reward valued customers.
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The latest and greatest press releases about Rekor.

Rekor Systems Selected to Provide Cloud-based License Plate Recognition Solutions to Tire Profiles, LLC

Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: REKR)(“Rekor”), a leading provider of innovative vehicle recognition systems, announced today it has been selected by Tire Profiles, LLC to provide cloud-based license plate recognition (LPR) solutions utilizing Rekor’s proprietary Cloud API product.  Following a test comparing Rekor’s solution with a competitive product Rekor’s Cloud API solution outperformed the competitor with an astonishing  65% greater accuracy rate than the other system. As a result of the test performed Tire Profiles have renewed and extend their contract with Rekor.

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Rekor Systems Appoints Steve Croxton to Board of Directors

Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: REKR)(“Rekor”), a leading provider of innovative vehicle recognition systems, announced today it has appointed Steven D. Croxton to its Board of Directors, effective June 19, 2019. Croxton currently serves as Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking for Rice, Voelker, LLC and has more than 32 years of experience in investment and commercial banking.

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Rekor Systems’ NUMERUS™ Selected By E-470 Public Highway Authority To Provide Vehicle Recognition Solutions For Electronic Tolling

Rekor Systems, Inc. (REKR) (“Rekor”), a leading provider of innovative vehicle recognition systems, announced today it has been selected by the E-470 Public Highway Authority to provide vehicle recognition solutions for electronic tolling. Rekor’s NUMERUS™ cloud-based solution will provide license plate reading capabilities at toll stations along E-470 Colorado.

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