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Rekor is focused on bringing smarter, faster, cost-competitive solutions to the worlds of public safety and customer experience. With a strong presence in over seventy countries across the world, we use the power of artificial intelligence to provide actionable, vital information for our clients. Whether it’s using machine learning software to give those who protect us better tools to keep us safe, or through solutions tailored to improving the everyday lives of everyday people, Rekor has the tech, and the expertise, for the job.

Unmatched Levels of Accuracy

Rekor Recognition Systems demos OpenALPR software being used on footage captured by a Fixed LPR camera. With this solution, we are able to achieve extremely accurate license plate reads for a variety of applications. With our software and systems, Rekor can read both front-facing and rear-facing license plates.


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Rekor Systems Launches Public Safety Network

Rekor Systems, Inc. (REKR) (“Rekor”), a leading provider of public safety and vehicle recognition systems, today announced the launch of the Rekor Public Safety Network (“RPSN”). Any state or local law enforcement agency participating in the RPSN will be able to access real time data from any part of the network at no cost. The Company is initially launching the network by aggregating vehicle data from customers in over 30 states. With thousands of automatic license plate reading cameras currently in service that capture approximately 150 million plate reads per month, the network is expected to be live by the first quarter of 2020.

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Rekor Launches OnGuard Comprehensive School Safety Program to Enhance Student Safety Nationwide; First Implementation to be in Upstate New York

Rekor Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: REKR) (“Rekor”), a leading provider of public safety and vehicle recognition systems powered by artificial intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning, announced today the nationwide launch of OnGuard, its comprehensive school safety program to enhance student safety. The first implementation of OnGuard will be at a school district in upstate New York.

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